Best Makeup Apps For iPhones


No matter how attractive you may look in a photo, you may always think there is always room for improvement. If you think you need to leave an even better impression, retouching your photos seems like a great idea.

For this purpose, there are a number of makeup apps that you can use on any Apple device.


To help you, we did our research and found a list of the best makeup apps for iPhones.

Best Makeup Apps For iPhones

Features Of The Best Apps

Retouching photos is incredibly popular, which is the reason why there are so many apps available. What you should be looking for is one that is simple to use, offers a number of effects, and comes at an affordable price.


For anyone looking to beautify their photos and correct the small details, the FaceTune app seems more than adequate. It is an app that will help you get the results that you want with little to no effort.


There are a number of different features that are included, such as face reshaping, photo retouching, makeup effects, hair salon, as well as a number of other beautification tools. Whether you are looking to remove red-eye or get that perfect smile, this app is the way to do it.

The best thing about it is that the interface is user-friendly and takes minutes to get adapted to.

Photo Wonder

As our second choice, this free-of-charge app will not only allow you to retouch existing photos but also add real-time camera effects.

Along with the beautify feature, you will also be able to make those little changes, such as correcting your skin tone and red-eye or perfecting your body and removing blemishes.

With the smart UI that this app is highlighted by, you should be able to work wonders on your photos. We love the fact that it comes with more than 200+ collage templates, a number of temperament filters, and most importantly, all the different makeup effects that you may need.


When it comes to versatile cosmetic effects, it can’t get much better than YouCam. This app will help you look like a celebrity by retouching your photos with a teeth brightener and different hairstyles, as well as a number of features for your lips and eyes.

Whether you want to enhance your upper lip or adjust your cheekbones, YouCam will help you with it!

Who It’s Suited To

Frankly, the aforementioned makeup apps aren’t exclusive to a certain group of people. This means that users of any age or gender can use them, considering the versatile retouching features that these apps include.

Thus, anyone who wants to beautify their selfies should get a hold of FaceTune, Photo Wonder, or YouCam.

Cost Of These Makeup Apps

Much like the features that come with these apps, the price differs, as well. FaceTune comes at $3.99 per month, which is quite good given the fact that you will be able to use over 100 different beautify effects.

On the other hand, if you are on a sensitive budget and simply don’t have money to spare, Photo Wonder and YouCam are completely free and are the way to go!


For a makeup app to be worthy of your time and money, it should be easy to use and offer a number of different beautiful features. That is exactly the case with all three of the aforementioned apps. They offer many features, including the following.

  • Great user interface
  • Different makeup
  • Temperament filters
  • Easy correction of skin tone, red-eye, teeth
  • Collage templates


Still, while these apps do have a number of pros, there is a single major concern.

  • Synced with iCloud (an issue when deleting photos)

How To Download and Use Them

When it comes to using these apps, everything is quite simple. The first thing that you should do is find FaceTune, Photo Wonder, or YouCam on the App Store, download, and install your chosen app.

Once you have done that, open the app and upload your first photo. From there, you will be introduced to a variety of beautifying features that shouldn’t take a lot of time to understand!

Best Makeup Apps For iPhones


While we think that you shouldn’t be too obsessed with the little details of your selfies, makeup apps are there to help anyone who wants to correct these. The aforementioned apps are innovative and user-friendly, which is why we think you should give them a go!