This Couple Turned $1 Investment Into $2.4 Million

How would you feel if you and your family get all your desires fulfilled unexpectedly? This is the story of a Couple Turned $1 Investment Into $2.4 Million. They bought a house for $1 and turned that house into an estate.

George and Nancy Corbett

George and Nancy Corbett were doing the job to fix up homes. They fixed up six homes when they were looking for a perfect passion project in which they could put their heart and soul. And finally they found that project.

In 2006, the Corbetts bought an old abandoned home located in Palmetto, Florida for only ONE US DOLLAR. Strange? But wait there is more strangest things to come. They ferried the house to a new location which was  20 miles away.

George and Nancy Corbett

The weight of the house was 220 ton and transporting the house 20 miles from Palmetto to Ruskin on a ferry was certainly no easy task but they performed the task.

And now after the couple spent 7 years renovating the house, the end result is a 7,000 square feet mansion which has seven bedrooms, five fireplaces, an elevator, stained glass windows and a lagoon pool with a built-in waterfall.

The dream house is now valued at around $2.4 million. Watch the video below to see how Couple Turned $1 Investment Into $2.4 Million and How their Beautiful Mansion looks now.

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