Kelly Clarkson Says Celebrities Were Rude in Her Early Days of Fame

We have all heard stories before where older celebrities were rude to some of the newer ones who just entered the entertainment industry. But who would have thought it was the case with Kelly Clarkson, who won the first season of American Idol back in 2002?

According to this newest revelation by Kelly Clarkson herself, some celebrities were rude to her in the final stages of the show. 


Although she did not mention names, one has to wonder who that may have been and why they were rude. Well, here we take a look at her side of the story to see what she had to say about it!

Kelly Clarkson Says Celebrities Were Rude in Her Early Days of Fame
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

Under Major Pressure

At the beginning of her career, after winning Idols, there was a lot of pressure on her. Some did not appreciate the way she made her first break into the entertainment industry as a talent show participant. 

According to her, some people who were already in the industry for some time looked down on her because of how she broke into it. Even though she had a lot of talent, this did not help her gain favor from everybody in the industry.


She went on and said that it was a horrible experience for her at that time with all the meanness and rudeness. Luckily for her and the millions of fans she has, all the judges liked her a lot, and Simon Cowell had been a huge fan of her since the beginning.

The Judges Had Her Back

This was a good thing to have the judges on her side while she just had to bring her beautiful singing talent to the show. Kelly also gained quite a following during the American Idol show's course to provide her the necessary boost.

It is funny to think that some celebrities were rude to the participants of the American Idol show; the industry is not easy. They of all people should know that you need all the help you can get to at getting noticed by the right people.

Kelly Clarkson Says Celebrities Were Rude in Her Early Days of Fame
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

Taking On BIG Songs

Kelly Clarkson was not afraid to take on hit songs from very popular singers from around the world to show her real talent. She sang songs by Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin, and the judges knew they had a winner in her.

This may sound callous, but if her apartment did not burn down three days before, she probably would not have been in the audition. And to think the same homeless singer went ahead and won more than just one music award since she won that first American Idol show.

Weight Issues

Kelly has been very open about the struggle she had at the beginning of her singing career when they pressed her to lose weight. This was by the same company she won the contract with as the winner of American Idol.

They actually brought her a photo of a naked model with a guitar on a magazine cover and told her this is what they want. They needed her to lose weight to look like a professional model while she is a singer.

Kelly Clarkson Says Celebrities Were Rude in Her Early Days of Fame
Image Source: House Beautiful

Industry Expectations

This was a lot of pressure, and she spent a lot of the little time she had on the treadmill to shed those extra pounds. As so many celebrities said many times before, the industry is not an easy one. There are many expectations from record companies.

Nobody really knew whether the winners of the first season of American Idol would make it in the industry. So anyone taking part in the show did not know if even winning the competition would be good for their singing career.

But when Kelly Clarkson walked out as the winner, it changed everything, and now, nearly 20 years later, we all know. All those beautiful songs from the first album she released, Breakaway, would not have been part of our lives.

Where is She Now?

Now after those many years, according to Kelly Clarkson, she is happy and thankful to be a singer and not a model. After the 20-year-old Texas cocktail waitress won that first American Idol live on TV, she never looked back again, and we need more like her.

After more than 25 million albums were sold around the world and 3 Grammy awards, we know what the judges knew then. They had a voice that would be a winner and sell a lot of albums, and that was, according to Simon, the premise.

Kelly Clarkson Says Celebrities Were Rude in Her Early Days of Fame
Image Source: Hello Magazine


Even though many of them were mean and rude to her during the show, she still kept going until she won the competition. That is a lot of character she showed, while she also had to compete against others with just as much talent as she had.

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