20 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup

Celebrities are also humans and they do not shine always as much as you see them shining on the big screen. Like normal humans, they also have bad days or bad makeovers. Here we present you a gallery of celebrities without makeup who were seen on the streets like normal humans.

Makeup has become one of the essential items for women. There are many women who cannot even think to go out of the home without wearing makeup. According to research, there are 2 primary reasons why women wear makeup. One is camouflage and second is seduction.

#1 Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Gigi Hadid is a Brazilian supermodel who is a darling of the modeling industry. She was the top international model in 2016. Here’s how she looks with and without makeup.

Gigi Hadid without makeup
Source: veclajme.com / Getty Images

#2 Ashley Graham Without Makeup

Ashley Graham is an American plus-size model. She is one of the top models in this category. Here’s how she looks with and without makeup.

Ashley Graham without makeup
Source: ebaumsworld.com / Getty Images

#3 Sofia Vergara Without Makeup

You can see the American-Colombian actress with and without makeup in the following picture.

Sofia Vergara Without Makeup
Source: Getty Images / Getty Images

#4 Katie Holmes Without Makeup

The next actress in our gallery of celebrities without makeup is Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes Without Makeup
Source: Splash News/Getty Images

#5 Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

Here is the heartthrob of the internet who broker the internet previously without makeup. She looks so cute without makeup.

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup
Source: Instagram/Getty Images