Best Bottle Cap Challenge Videos: Jason Statham Inspires Many Celebs

We have seen many viral challenges in the past decade like ice buckets, Kiki, Matilda, Neymar, and tide pods. These trends come and go like the changing of the seasons. These challenges are mostly hilarious and most people can do them.

But, this is not the case with the latest trend and it looks not much easy and everyone cannot do it at least in the first attempt.


It all started when the Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin posted a video on Instagram in which he opened the cap of a bottle with a kick. He then challenged American singer John Mayer and then he challenged Jason Statham.

The #BottleCapChallenge became viral on the internet when Hollywood action star accepted the challenge and posted a video on his Instagram of himself effortlessly removing a bottle top with a single kick.

Jason Statham Bottle Cap Challenge

Here is the original video Bottle Cap challenge video of Jason Statham who started this crazy internet trend. It's not camera trick or anything like that. It is a legit video in which he removes bottle cap with a single kick.


John Mayer Bottle Cap Challenge

Guy Ritchie Bottle Cap Challenge

Max Holloway Bottle Cap Challenge

Conor McGregor

Ellie Goulding Bottle Cap Challenge


Cung Le Bottle Cap Challenge

Akshay Kumar Bottle Cap Challenge

Donnie Yen Bottle Cap Challenge With a blindfold On

Mackenzie Foy accepts the challenge

Laura Woods Nails It

However, There were some failed attempts as well.

Here is the Best One

This Is Something Extraordinary

Jason Statham has got some competition

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