Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves

Watching movies is one of the best things to do when you want to chill and just relax or have some fun. Most of the time, we love the movies so much, we do not even see any flaws in them while we are awed.

If there were any flaws in the movie, we do not even want to hear about it the first couple of weeks after seeing it, especially if we loved the paticular movie. But then reality kicks in, and we start to rethink what we saw. This is the time we remember the small things in the movie that just did not make sense.

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Even though this one is considered one of the best Star Wars movies, in The Empire Strikes Back, there is more than one obvious plot hole. The first one worth mentioning is the time-lapse problem where Yoda trained Luke for more than just one week. 

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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This may seem necessary, but while he is trained, Yoda, Han Solo, and Leia were having their own adventures that kept them busy for a few days. When they run into trouble and need rescuing, here comes Luke to save them. Did he do some time traveling? Moving forward in the story to where Dart Vader and Luke are having an epic lightsaber duel in the Cloud City. 

When suddenly Darth Vader chops off Luke’s hand, then he reveals a secret all the fanatic fans now know: That he is Luke’s father. So, instead of going over to the dark side, Luke decided to throw himself or just fall off the ledge, and we all thought he was going to die. With all the power of the Force, was Darth Vader not able to save Luke and bring him back to safety and prevent his escape?


Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

After months of being trapped underground by the villain Bane after he took over the city, the whole police force of Gotham was released from their underground prison. The problem here is that those policemen came up without even one of them having a beard or their clothes being filthy. All of them clean-shaven without even a mark on them. 

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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You would have thought that they at least sweat a bit in their underground prison, and their clothes would be dirty and even dusty. Were they frozen in time while they were in the underground prison for months? They did not even look hungry or thirsty. That is what happened to Bruce Wayne after the first introduction into the movie. 

He walked with a cane and found out in the hospital that all the cartilage in his joints was gone. This was all established before he jumped out of the building without any sign of injuries, and he did not walk with a limp or cane anymore. This miraculous healing was but one of them. After he was stabbed in the stomach, he just got right up from a heap of pain and started running around.


Batman Begins

We are still busy with Gotham’s dark hero that comes to the rescue of the innocent citizens whenever he is needed. This time, the villain, Ra’s al Ghul, decided to destroy Gotham city with a secret microwave weapon that will evaporate all the water in the city. The question that comes to mind is what the producers were thinking to let obvious holes in the plot go through.

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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Did the writers forget that all humans consist of about 20 percent water, and that weapon would have killed everybody? This is another hole in the plot where they dumped toxins in the water over a couple of weeks.

These toxins can only be breathed in through vapor. This means that in a city of millions that would have boiled water, this would have released some of the toxins. Not to mention the fact that all of those people would have taken at least a few hot showers, inhaling the toxins, and dying in huge numbers. But this was overlooked, and nobody died from the toxins in the water supply of Gotham City.

Lord Of the Rings

Let’s start with the main plot or event that is happening in Lord of the Rings, the destruction of the one ring in the fires of Mordor. It took Frodo many months to get to Mordor through a lot of trials that nearly cost his life as well as his friend Samwise. In the final scene where the ring is thrown into the fire and destroyed, Frodo and Sam run for their lives to get away from the molten lava.

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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They end up lying exhausted on a small piece of rock. In come the eagles who swoop down and rescue the two heroes; why didn’t they just take a ride on the eagles to Mordor? That is how they would have gotten to Mordor - on the backs of so many mean eagles, even if they could bring them a bit closer to Mordor. 

But that would have taken months off from the quest and saved many lives, so why did the eagles show up for a fight but not to give them a lift? It would have been very easy for Gandalf to send a moth messenger to his eagle friends to ask for a ride while they were still in the Elven city of Rivendell.

Harry Potter And the Prisoner Of Azkaban

In this chapter of the Harry Potter sagas, Hermoine became the owner of a Time-Turner that was entrusted to her by Professor McGonagall. She used it to go back in time to take extra classes, which is a very handy device to have at your disposal. Why didn’t she use it to go back in time to prevent all the bad things that happened to stop the young Voldemort before it went too far? 

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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Also, why didn’t Voldemort use the Imperius Curse to get hold of a Time-Turner himself to stop Harry from being born? It is argued that Hermoine was entrusted with a Time-Turner because she was a young witch who proved herself to be trustworthy. But if you take a look at history, she broke many rules, if not more than Voldemort himself, which does not make her a good example.

Another question that is never answered is why Sirius Black remained a wanted criminal after it was found that he is not as guilty as everyone thought? Just an afterthought, how did Sirius Black get past the defenses of Hogwarts?

The Hangover

Have you been so drunk in your life that you passed out for 2 days? This is what happened to the groom-to-be in this movie. Is it possible that nobody heard him screaming for 2 days, even the workers in the hotel or passersby? It does not seem likely. Plus, the whole team was on the roof the previous night makes it impossible to think nobody gets up there. 

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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The biggest problem with this is that in the heat of the day, the sun would have killed him. Also, when Allan admitted he slipped a roofie in each of their shots, it seemed not possible because he handed them each empty shot glasses. While they were holding the glasses, he poured their shots, so when did he add the roofie to their drinks without any of them noticing it? 

Between scenes, Las Vegas was shown from above, and every time the Wynn hotel was still under construction when shown. So, how is it possible that the same hotel was fully constructed when it was shown in the background while they were on the roof before the night out? Another hole?

Toy Story

The space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, was convinced that he was a real-life space ranger. So why does he also freeze with the other toys when a human walks in? Even with endless denial, he still freezes up every time a human walks into the room or comes close to him, a natural toy reaction, according to the story. 

Check Out the Biggest Plot Holes in Movies Everyone Loves
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Is he just mimicking the other toys, or is it a hole in the plot of this beloved movie? Can it be that nobody was thinking about that when the original script was written? It is true that when we are awed by a movie such as Toy Story, nobody really thinks about those kinds of things. 

We also are not really thinking about the real-life type of things while we watch these movies that take us to a different universe. This is basically what Pete Docter said when asked about the plot problem with Buzz Lightyear. He also mentioned that they hope nobody sees the flaws in the story or the plot holes. It will always make us think why they let these slide.


Do we want to know why they allow these plot holes to go through, and would it make a difference to the outcome of the story? From our side, it is the curiosity that made us take a closer look at these plot holes, but we still love all those movies too much.

But these are not the only movies with plot holes; many of our favorite Marvel movies also have them, not to mention our favorite celebrities’ scandals.

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