5 Reasons to Follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram

Not many people know that Jennifer Garner is on Instagram. Some know but simply do not follow her because they do not know what type of content she shares and think that she is just another celebrity.

This is not true, though. Jennifer Garner is not just another celebrity


She is a national treasure who delivers fantastic Instagram content that her followers love. From busy mom days filled with joy and laughter to funny comments about many different things and throwbacks to die for, here are the five reasons why you should click “follow” on her Instagram account.

5 Reasons to Follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram

Funny Videos

Unlike other celebrities who do not use their Instagram accounts, Jennifer uses her Instagram account often. Also, her team does not post for her, as she actually posts her own content.

There is no denying that she is the ultimate Hollywood mother. Her videos present her life as a mother and give insight to her followers into her daily activities. 


Her videos tell a story about Jennifer that not many people know. She is a hilarious person, and her videos are even funnier. For example, there is one that includes her dancing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She dances on her own star! That is not all, though. She even makes funny captions and jokes about the pictures she posts.

Another video of hers includes herself in Halloween makeup. The video is silly because it explains how much makeup she used and how many wipes she used to put that amount on her face.

5 Reasons to Follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram


Social media platforms are filled with memes. There are accounts dedicated to memes on Instagram with millions of different posts.

Interestingly, just like these accounts make their memes, Jennifer Garner also makes her own memes. Yes, she is the creator of her own Instagram memes.

She jokes around with herself about her first summer days as a mother and about her last summer days as a mother. Through a meme, she explains how hard that process is and how exhausted summers for mothers with three children are.

Christmas is not neglected in this section, as the star loves the holiday. That is why she posts memes with herself about how excited she is and how festive she is going to get.

Jennifer also jokes about her children and their food preferences. For example, her followers know that, sometimes, her kids do not like to eat something she made for them from scratch.

5 Reasons to Follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram

That Real Life

Jennifer Garner is not a celebrity who likes to pretend and be something that she is not. Maybe that is the main reason why she posts so many funny videos of herself.

The star occasionally posts throwback pictures filled with incredible memories and sincere explanations. This proves that she is honest with her fanbase. 

Good stories and good content are not the only things that can be seen on her Instagram account. There are also bad stories regarding the negative side of Hollywood and her life. She is just like the rest of us, and she is not afraid of that.

Mom blogs usually present a side that is not entirely sincere and that makes their journey look perfect but fake. Jennifer does not do that. 

She tells and posts pictures of herself being tired and exhausted from her children. Besides that, she publishes her sleepless nights, as well.

5 Reasons to Follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram

Recipes and More Recipes

People who always seek something new to make in the kitchen should follow Jennifer without a doubt. Jennifer is the lead star of her “Pretend Cooking Show”.

This cooking show includes many different IGTV posts, aside from pictures and videos. The actress shares different kinds of recipes and explains how people can flawlessly execute them.

Jennifer slices vegetables, fruit, meat, and more in her videos – once again, showing her real side. Sometimes, she even dresses up to cook.

There is no denying that she is a great cook and that tons of food facts can be learned from her. Many famous chefs praise her cooking videos and recommend them to their viewers.

5 Reasons to Follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram


If you want to see a celebrity doing the same things you do, then you should follow Jennifer. Besides entertaining content, you are going to be able to see the real side of her and how she copes with her problems and insecurities. You could also learn a recipe or two and impress your friends

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