Check Out the Top 3 Hilary Duff Movies

Hilary Duff’s career fascinates many people. That is because every single character that she has played is so memorable and loved by the public.

It is safe to say that her characters are relatable, as well. Hilary played different types of girls in each movie.


Formerly known as the teen queen and currently known as the best mommy in Brooklyn, Hilary has big, bold filmography. It was hard to choose only three of her films, but the roles that she plays in them display her talents in just the right way and inspire girls all over the world.

Check Out the Top 3 Hilary Duff Movies

Cadet Kelly (2002)

Without a doubt, this movie is flawless. Plus, Cary Cole is in this movie. The duo they play makes this movie even better.

In this movie, Hilary Duff delivers serious actress vibrations. This was the movie that helped her win many upcoming auditions. 


Her high level of performance in this movie fascinated many viewers and movie critics. Besides being hysterical, Cadet Kelly is a movie that contains a delicate story about female friendship. 

The friendship is explained as a complex structure with many layers and reasons. Overall, that story is quite empowering, and many girls and boys can relate.

Self-actualization is another reason why this movie should be immediately downloaded and watched. Back then, not many movies delivered stories like this one and promoted self-actualization. 


People loved it due to that reason besides loving it for the creativity and art involved. Cadet Kelly delivers a strong message that many need to hear. 

The key to happiness is freedom and being yourself from beginning to end. Working hard for acceptance is wrong, and young people must realize that.

Check Out the Top 3 Hilary Duff Movies

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

This is a comedy movie based on the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire. The movie focuses on a trip to Rome, where we see Lizzie together with her classmates. 

The reason? A graduation celebration for junior high.

Hollywood does not often make movies like this one anymore, and the industry seems to neglect the age range of this type of film. That is sad because teenagers need to have alternatives to watching humiliating videos online.

To be sincere, this is a teenage fairytale, but it delivers an empowering story with quite beneficial tips. The movie gives smart dialogues and makes viewers dive deeper.

Duff plays her character very well and makes the viewers smile throughout the film. People loved it back then because it was fun, profound, and delivered impressive sounds.

Another reason why people loved it is the message this movie delivers. Finding yourself is hard, but once you fix that puzzle, amazing things come your way.

Check Out the Top 3 Hilary Duff Movies

A Cinderella Story (2004)

A Cinderella Story strikes a resemblance to the real Cinderella and her journey, but only a little bit. Here, Duff plays a waitress in a cheap diner who is treated horribly by many people, including those in her life.

She is a shy girl who is not very easy-going, and without a doubt, she does not like to talk a lot. People love this movie, and it has been estimated that fans often re-watch it at least once every two years.

Duff’s fellow cast members, Chad Michael Murray and Jennifer Coolidge, stated that Hilary Duff played the role of Sam like she was born for the role. Also, they said that Sam’s character inspired many shy girls to strive for what they deserve to have.

Many children, unfortunately, are in Sam’s shoes. Sam gives them the motivation to keep moving forward and ignore the negative comments of her foster family. That is the main reason why people loved it back then and why people still choose to watch it today.

Also, it teaches young girls that they should be honorable and devoted besides being sensitive and smart. Furthermore, the love story that occurs should not be neglected by boys, as well.

Check Out the Top 3 Hilary Duff Movies


There they are - the top 3 Hilary Duff movies of all time. Each movie is different, and each move delivers a different message.

A Cinderella Story, Cadet Kelly, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie must all be watched sooner or later. The movies can teach both girls and boys beneficial life lessons.

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