Interesting Unknown Facts About Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale quickly shifted from being a childhood star to an A-list celebrity. The singer and actress comes from Memphis and became popular immediately after the pilot for Pretty Little Liars was released.

Just like her character on Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale has some unknown facts about herself that most of her fans are dying to know. Unlike her role on the show, these mysteries can easily be discovered.


If you want to learn some interesting unknown facts about the actress, you are in the right place. Let's take a look.

Interesting Unknown Facts About Lucy Hale

Her Real Name

Before Pretty Little Liars, Lucy was not Lucy at all. Her real name is Karen Lucille Hale.

She got her real name after her great-grandmother. The actress said that her real name is a big deal for her, and it reminds her of her roots a lot.


However, she decided to go for Lucy because that name was more appealing to the industry. According to her, her friends and family members have called her “Lucy” from a young age, and that is why she chose it.

Her Zodiac Sign

Her zodiac sign, Gemini, says that Lucy is an extremely talented person and that she will lead an exciting career in her life. That is true because she already has an exciting career.

Also, the sign indicates that this person’s life is filled with amazing friends and friend groups. Parties, dance floors, and happy hours are their thing. We imagine she already has all of this!


Lucy is a Singer

As previously mentioned, Lucy is a singer as well as an actress. She was in a pop group that, thanks to one competition, did not end well.

Back in 2003, she was one of the chosen members to become a part of a pop group. Lucy competed with other junior singers on a reality show. Still, poor record sales broke up the group soon after their first record was released.

Interesting Unknown Facts About Lucy Hale

Nickelodeon Star

Her first significant TV role was not Aria from Pretty Little Liars. Lucy became famous as Amy Cassidy from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

That show premiered on Nickelodeon. Thus, Lucy was a Nickelodeon star before being Aria.

This was not Lucy’s only Nickelodeon show. The actress was also included in Drake and Josh and Wizards of Waverly Place.

Lucy Wanted to Play Hanna

Lucy was originally auditioning for two parts on Pretty Little Liars. She preferred to play Hanna, but that role was given to Ashley Benson.

Ultimately, she was relieved that Hanna was taken from her. According to her, her appearance was best for Aria because Aria was darker and edgier, just like she is.

Co-Star Crush

During one of her shows, Lucy had a major crush on one of her co-stars. Nobody knows who this guy actually is. He is still a mystery.

Back then, Lucy was not able to focus, and she could not even remember her lines. She was stuttering and fumbling at the same time.

Interesting Unknown Facts About Lucy Hale

Unicorn Obsession

Interestingly, her unicorn obsession was not developed during her childhood. On the contrary, she became obsessed with these mythical creatures after she went as a unicorn to a Halloween party.

Hale is fascinated by the beauty these creatures have. The colors that are present in their tail, their horn, and the beautiful white skin always inspire her and attract her.

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Uncomfortable Set Experience

The role of Anastasia Steele is played by Dakota Johnson, but Lucy Hale auditioned for that part back in 2015, as well. According to Hale, the experience was extremely uncomfortable.

She admits that there were plenty of parts included that made her feel embarrassed, and she refused to read them out loud. Hale was not committed to that audition 100%, and she admitted that maybe that is the main reason why she did not get it.

Interesting Unknown Facts About Lucy Hale


Lucy did not become Anastasia Steele or Hanna Marin, but she did become Aria Montgomery. She played the dark, edgy beauty that fell in love with her professor.

Plenty of people connected with her character and blindly supported her decisions. That is one of the main reasons why Lucy became so popular and why people always seek mysterious unknown facts about her like these.

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