Where is Rob Kardashian Now?

Many people are curious about what happened to Robert Kardashian since he permanently left the family’s reality show.

And things have changed in his life since that time, and it seems that better things are happening for him.


And according to Rob himself and other family members, his daughter Dream is the new motivation in his life. Let’s see what Rob is up to these days and how he is doing.

Why Did He Start Living a Reclusive Life?

It seems that Rob Kardashian started to appear much less in the family’s reality show from around the 7th season. That is also the time he and then-girlfriend, the singer Rita Ora broke up, which might have a bad effect on him.

It was also around this time, or just after this break up with Rita that he started gaining weight and did not care at all. He began to live a reclusive life that was caused by many insecurities, including depression.


Personal Life

He has been in the spotlight from time to time after leaving the reality show of his family for good. In 2016 he started dating the rapper, Blac Chyna and announced their engagement after just three months of dating.

Rob and Chyna had a daughter, Dream, who was born on November 10, 2016, but they broke up shortly afterward. And then followed some public conversations on Twitter, but all that came out was that Rob had some emotional issues.

Everything that was said on their twitter conversations was a lot of things that do not make a lot of sense. But as you will notice in the end, it seems that Rob’s insecurity was mostly the reason for their breakup.


Slowed Down Media Presence

Rob Kardashian has slowed down his media presence in the last couple of years but is still active on Twitter. However, the only thing he tweets about these days is his daughter Dream, and he only retweets other accounts.

He also shares many photos of his daughter, and you can see that this might be the positive thing he needs in his life.

Will He Return to the Show?

There is a possibility that he might return to the family’s reality show, as there were some hints about it. Recently he did appear briefly on the show to celebrate his daughter’s birthday with the family.

It seems that he prefers a more private life these days, which might be the best thing for him at the moment. He might make occasional appearances on the show, but these will be sporadic.

Will He Return to the Spotlight?

After 2 years of life away from the spotlight, he started to reappear at more of the family events. One of these events was Kim’s infamous Christmas party, where the singer Sia and Kim wanted to get her brother marrying the singer.

But according to sources, he is planning to return to public life slowly and might be seen more in the show. 2019 seemed to be his year of returning to the spotlight, and he appeared with the family on other occasions as well.

What the Future Holds

Rob also started to pay more attention to his business, and the sock line also launched a new company. This new company is a fresh streetwear clothing company named Halfway dead and was launched in July 2019.

And to make it even better, Rob was seen in public posing with a much smaller figure. He lost some weight to boost his self-confidence, and he looked much healthier.

According to another source, he also decided to start going to the gym for workouts to improve his health even more. And he is also resuming the battle to get custody over his three-year-old daughter for whom he is making all the changes.

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It seems like Rob Kardashian is making changes in his life for the better, and the reason that is, is his daughter, Dream. So we will most probably soon see him more often back on the family reality show.

And we wish him just the best for the future of the new business as well.

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