Jennifer Lopez Never Ages, Here Is A Definitive Proof

Jennifer Lopez aka JLo is an American singer, actress, dancer, and producer. She started her career in 1991 as a Fly Girl dancer. She performed as a Fly Girl dancer for 2 years and then she decided to pursue a career in acting in 1993. These Jennifer Lopez then and now photos are going to prove that age is just a number and Jennifer Lopez never ages.

JLo was born on July 24, 1969, in New York City. She was a model student that was part of many different extracurricular activities that would establish her workaholic attitude. In 1993, she would start to see more acting roles coming her way. In 1995 she got her first mainstream exposure as an actress when she starred in “My Family”. She entered into the 2000s as a bona fide A-lister in both films and in music.


Jlo gets more beautiful and glamorous with each passing year, and we’ve got this photos gallery to prove it. Check out her snapshots starting from age 1 to all the way age 49.

JLo in 1970 At The Age of 1

In the following photo, have a look at Lopez with her mother when she was 1 year old. Isn't she cute?

Jennifer Lopez age 1

Jennifer Lopez 1975

Here is the little JLo at the age of 6 in her childhood.

Jennifer Lopez age 6

Jennifer Lopez 1984

Look at her in her teen years at the age of 15. She looks stunning at her early adulthood and she has unbelievably maintained those looks until now.

Jennifer Lopez age 15

Jennifer Lopez 1987

This is a photo of Jlo from Preston High School Yearbook, the Bronx which was taken in the year 1987 when she was 18 years old. Adult legally!

Jennifer Lopez age 18
Seth Poppel/YearbookLibrary

Jennifer Lopez 1990

In the following image of Lopez, you can see her at the launch party for her first album "On the 6" in 1990.

Jennifer Lopez age 21
Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez 1994

In the following image, Lopez can be seen during the 'Mi Vida Loca' Hollywood Premiere on July 18, 1994.

Jennifer Lopez age 25
Jim Smeal/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez 1998

In the following photo, Lopez can be seen during a photoshoot in 1998.

Jennifer Lopez age 29
Source: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez 1999

The next image of Jlo is from the year 1999 when she was 30 years old.

Jennifer Lopez age 30

Jennifer Lopez 2000

This is a red carpet snap of Lopez from the 58th Golden Globe Awards in 2000.

Jennifer Lopez age 31

Jennifer Lopez 2005

Here, you can see her during the launch of her album "Rebirth" in 2005.

Jennifer Lopez age 36

Jennifer Lopez 2010

The following snap of Lopez was taken at World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in 2010. She looks ultra-gorgeous and mind-blowing here.

Jennifer Lopez age 40

Jennifer Lopez 2012

Check the stunning look of Lopez in 2012 at the age of 43. If anyone asks you for a proof of "age is just a number", send him/her to this page and show these photos of JLo.

Jennifer Lopez age 42

Jennifer Lopez 2013

At the age of 43 Lopez at the premiere of her film "Parker" in Vegas in 2013.

Jennifer Lopez age 43

Jennifer Lopez 2014

Lopez during the opening ceremony of 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Even at 44, her sartorial star continued to rise.

Jennifer Lopez age 44

Jennifer Lopez 2015

In the following snap, Jlo is at 2015 American Music Awards.

Jennifer Lopez age 46

Jennifer Lopez 2018

Jlo is now into her late 40s, but still proves she's got it. Showing off her toned body, she looks stunning everywhere.

Jennifer Lopez 2018

Jennifer Lopez 2019

This is Jlo now, at the age of almost 50, she has a well-toned body with a perfect physique. She is the mother of a son and a daughter who both are 11 years old now.

Jennifer Lopez 2019

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Jennifer Lopez Now At 50

On 29th January 2019, Lopez challenged her more than 103 million Instagram followers to join her 10-day no sugar, no carb diet and shared this photo on her Instagram. Look at her how well maintained and fit she looks at the age of 50 now.

Jennifer Lopez Then And Now

Jlo has turned 50 and people can’t believe how ripped she is.

Jennifer Lopez At 50
Source: Instagram (Jlo)

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