15 Iconic Female Singers Then And Now Photos

Aging changes us all and with time some age slowly and some more dramatically and drastically. Our favorite celebrities also evolve over time like us. Here, we are going back some 20 years to show you how the top and most iconic singers have changed over the years. A few singers then and now are so amazingly transformed that you will think that age is just a number for them.

1. Britney Spears Then And Now

No singer has changed more than Britney Spears. She got fame as a pop sensation in 1999 from a child singer and she never looked back. Here's how she evolved over the years.

Britney Spears Then And Now
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2. Christina Aguilera Then And Now

Aguilera became popular from her hit single “Genie in the bottle”. Here's how she has transformed over the years.

Christina Aguilera Then And Now
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3. Madonna Then And Now

Madonna is the biggest living pop sensation of the globe. She personifies a whole era with her style and songs and always rediscovers herself. She started her career in 1985. She has evolved with trends and this how she changed over the years.

Madonna Then And Now
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4. Jennifer Lopez Then And Now

Jennifer Lopez has an extraordinary body and she is beating aging with every passing year. She is not only an iconic singer but also a great dancer and actress. She is one of the forever young celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez Then And Now
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5. Katy Perry Then And Now

Katy Perry started her career in 2004 with a hit single “teenage dream.” She released many hit albums in later years and became an international sensation. In 2019 she completely changed her hairstyle to a pixie cut and bleach blonde hair. Here's how she changed over the years.

Katy Perry Then And Now
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