Jamie Foxx: What to Expect From His Next Role

Jamie Foxx is a renowned actor in the United States. He played in some very successful movies, and he is also one of the most talented actors in the world.

If you like Jamie Foxx or boxing, then you will be happy to hear that the actor has already started working on a movie in the role of Mike Tyson. The Mike Tyson biopic has been rumored for a few years now, but it’s finally in the works. 


We do not have an exact release date, but we should expect it to roll out next year. Keep reading the article to learn everything we know about the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic.

Jamie Foxx: What to Expect From His Next Role

Who is Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx was born on December 13th, 1967 as Eric Marlon Bishop in Terrel, Texas. He is one of the most famous American actors, but he is also popular as a comedian, songwriter, producer, and TV host.

He has won an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe Award, and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor for his role as Ray Charles in the movie Ray. Also, Jamie Foxx was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Collateral.


The actor started as a comedian in a comedy club, in 1989. In the same year, he changed his name to Jamie Foxx, an ambiguous-enough name to sound like a woman’s and man’s name at the same time. In 1991, he debuted in the world of movies with his role in In Living Color. Since then, Foxx has played many roles, but we will only mention a few below.

Jamie Foxx: What to Expect From His Next Role

Previous Roles

Besides hit roles in Ray and Collateral, about which we already talked above, Foxx also played in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, The Kingdom, The Soloist, White House Down, and many more.

Also, Jamie Foxx voiced the cartoon canary in the movie known as Rio. Foxx also played in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (villain Electro), and hosted several TV shows like Beat Shazam and Name That Tune.


We expect Foxx to play many extraordinary roles in the future! The next one, however, seems to be in the Mike Tyson biopic.

About the New Mike Tyson Biopic

Initially, the movie was rumored in 2014 when Jamie Foxx said that Terence Winter would write the script. The director of the film would be Martin Scorsese. In 2017, during an interview with Screen Rant, Foxx said that the project would go on, and Scorsese will be the director for sure.

Recently, Jamie Foxx confirmed that Mike Tyson biopic would happen, and the movie is already in the works. Foxx will play the role of Tyson in the upcoming film.

We look forward to watching the movie as soon as it rolls out because, as we all know, Foxx will play a great role. Nevertheless, the topic of the movie (Mike Tyson’s career) is an excellent one.

On the downside, the film won’t present the entire career of Mike Tyson because the renowned 53-year-old boxer plans to return in 2020. There might not be enough time for the producers to add new events in Tyson’s life.

Jamie Foxx: What to Expect From His Next Role

The Release Date for Jamies Foxx’s Mike Tyson Biopic

We don’t know much about the movie’s release date. However, we can guess that the film will roll out by the end of 2021. Bear in mind that delays always happen with such productions, so we all should probably look forward to seeing the movie launched in 2022.

Obviously, we hope that the movie will come out as soon as possible. Jamie Foxx is a great actor, and since it is a Mike Tyson biopic, we expect this will be an incredible role for him.

Jamie Foxx: What to Expect From His Next Role


Jamie Foxx has played many roles in his career. His next part will be Mike Tyson, the well-known US boxer. The movie, which will be a Mike Tyson biopic, is allegedly under development as we speak. 

We expect it to launch in the near future. As Foxx stated, Martin Scorsese will direct the film, which is excellent news. Hopefully, more details about this upcoming movie will be released soon.

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