Why Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are Couple Goals

Every fan of Kristen Bell or Dax Shepard, who scrolls on the two actors’ social media accounts, knows that they are genuinely in love.

Kristen and Dax regularly post photos on Instagram and chat on Twitter.


If you haven't yet explored their social media posts, you'll appreciate the following compilation of the couple's best moments.

The Couple Makes Their Relationship A Priority

When parenting, the most critical thing is the relationship between the couple. If there’s too much negative energy, the parents will eventually become like two strangers sharing the same house. Most marriages break apart during the first years of parenting, and that’s a bummer because all the issues can be tackled.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard admitted that they intensively work to make their marriage excellent. They’ve never said that their relationship has always been of milk and honey, and the two told their fans that they even attended counseling to make it work.


Even though making both marriage and parenting function correctly, Kristen and Dax appear to do a great job.

Parent Hacks Sharing

Since these two adorable parents, who still have enough love to share with each other and their children, have a considerable fanbase, they decided to help young parents with some unique parent hacks. And such tips are more than welcome since they can ease up parenting for some, more inexperienced people.

One of the tips Kristen Bell shared with the fan is meant to keep kids safe when the parents unload the car. She called the “game” that her sister-in-law invented, “hands on the circle.”


The circle is the fuel tank’s cap on the side of the car. That way, the children are safe, and she is able to unload the car’s trunk when needed.

Involved Parents

Not all the kids are lucky to have both their parents involved in their lives. While, in some cases, one of the parents cannot be entirely involved in parenting due to some exceptional circumstances (job, illness, etc.), some parents are just not interested in getting involved.

Fortunately, Lincoln and Delta Bell Shepard enjoy the love of both their mother and father. Even though the two are celebrities and their career might be time-consuming, they put family life first.

Even more, Kristen Bell posted a pic on Instagram with the following caption: “Nerd Alert!!! The team Shepard loves school!” That was meant to celebrate the first school day for Lincoln.

Kristen And Dax Are Both Very Realistic Parents

Kristen and Dax seriously explained the job of parenting during an interview with Romper. They talked about the wish of being a perfect parent, which derives from one’s ego, fueled by worries and stresses.

Dax Shepard said that it is not so much about the kids as it is about the parents. In other words, it is impossible to offer perfect parenting, which can lead to anxiety.

The celebrities admitted that it’s impossible to be perfect parents and that nobody can picture what parenting would be like. They both said that parenting is a full-time job, it’s challenging, but it’s also beautiful.

“Kids Will Be Kids” Is A Theme That They Recognize

Well, kids will sometimes throw toys, make a huge mess, play with the wrong things, and so on. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are aware that all those actions are typical for children, and they always maintain a sense of humor whenever possible.

Kristen Bell discusses that when the child misbehaves in the grocery store, it is not the parents who handle the embarrassment, but their daughter. This should not make the parents feel differently.

Many parents feel ashamed when their kids misbehave in public, but the thing is that they shouldn’t be. “Kids will be kids!”

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No one could ever be prepared exactly for what parenting brings, but learning some tips and tricks for more experienced parents is always wise to do.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, two famous celebrities, known for their many roles in Hollywood movies, are great at parenting, and they love to share from their experience with the fans.

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