Your Favorite 15 Celebrities With No Makeup

Celebrities are like normal us and on some days they feel like throwing their hair up into a messy bun like many of us do and on some days they like to be casual without makeup and roam around in the city. Check out these celebrities with no makeup which have shown the public that you don't always need makeup to look perfect.

1- Rihanna

The queen of the beauty Rihanna shows us how to strip things down when there is a need to.

rihanna without makeup
Source: Getty Images

2- Ashley Graham

Best known best for her plus-size modeling career. She knows well how to do it with no makeup.

ashley graham without makeup
Source: Splash News

3- Kate Bosworth

This is how Kate looks with a no-makeup look.

kate bosworth without makeup
Source: Splash News

4- Alicia Keys

She is the queen of being bare-faced. Alicia performed without make-up on Grammy's and dazzled audiences with her glowing skin.

alicia keys without makeup
Source: Splash News

5- Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars star really knows how to work that bare face.

lucy hale no makeup
Source: Instagram

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