Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa: A Closer Look at the Celebrity Couple

On May 1, 1996, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were husband and wife. About two decades later, they're still going strong! Three children have since been adopted together by the beloved couple: Michael Joseph, 23, Lola Grace, 19, and Joaquin Antonio, 17. 

And when they don't share cute Instagram throwback pictures of themselves on holiday, they chat about their relationship candidly. The Live with Kelly and Ryan host explained in August 2018 that she fell in love with Consuelos at first sight, and it was all thanks to a picture she found on the All My Children set.


Let's take a step back and get to know Kelly and Mark more! 

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa: A Closer Look at the Celebrity Couple
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

It Started With An Audition

The first time they met, Mark Consuelos did not think he had a chance with Kelly Ripa. On the ABC soap All My Children, the actor, then 23, was auditioning for a role, and Ripa, an existing cast member, was assigned as his screen test partner. 

Consuelos told HuffPo Live in 2014, "I thought she was adorable, hot and sexy and all that stuff, but I was very centered, I didn't really think I had a chance with her, so I wasn't really focused on that." 


He got the part and soon became friends, playing Hayley and Mateo's love interests. Soon, in real life, too, they were dating, a secret they kept from their colleagues. The way she felt relaxed with him, she liked Ripa. 

Wedding Dress

The pair went for a walk in the park just months apart, followed by pizza and wine at Mark's apartment, and he suggested marriage. On May 1, 1996, they eloped to Las Vegas. Ripa wore a $199 dress she'd bought for the event on sale. 

She didn't buy it as a wedding dress; according to Ripa, she just bought it because it was freezing, and she wanted to buy something from the sale at Barney's Warehouse.


Family And Relationship

Before Ripa quit to replace Kathie Lee Gifford as co-host on Live! with Kelly and Regis, they kept filming the soap opera together for six years; their characters have married each other.

They had a son in 1997, Michael Joseph, and a daughter, Lola Grace, in 2001. Joaquin Antonio, their youngest sibling, was born in 2003. 

This year the couple is celebrating 22 years of marriage, which has everyone wondering how two people make it work with such challenging careers? 

His position in Pitch's Fox series needs him to be filmed in Los Angeles, while Ripa's work holds her in New York, but the gap just seems to fan their love's flames. 

Shows And Awards

There's no competition between the two since Ripa's career has made her a household name. They're such right partners, and they started their own production corporation named Milojo — a blend of their kids' name — in 2007. 

Their 2008 documentary The Streak about a high-school wrestling team's 34-year winning streak was nominated for an Emmy among other projects.

Over the years, the program has won various honors, including the Daytime Emmy Award in 2001, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016 for Outstanding Talk Show Hosts. Kelly and Ryan continued hosting the show from their homes during the lockdown but returned to the studio on Monday, September 7.

Where Are They Now?

Posting a series of pictures on her Instagram account, Ripa, 50, first posted a throwback shot from the Thanksgiving celebration last year before she included some pictures of herself and Consuelos, 49, chatting on a call with both of her parents. 

On her Instagram account, Ripa also posted an array of old images from past celebrations, including one of her three kids when they were much younger. On the cover of PEOPLE's inaugural Family Magazine, in which the parents of three opened up about parenting, the adorable family of five appeared over the summer.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa: A Closer Look at the Celebrity Couple
Image Source: Soap Opera Digest


The pair took their celebrations to social media as well! A close-up shot of him and Ripa's arms embracing each other on Instagram was posted by Consuelos. They are actually making a living, sharing a history, keeping each other close for 24 years.

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