Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress

With the release of the sequel to Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has added another film to her already epic catalog. Though most people seem to only associate her with his iconic role, the Israeli-born actress has other films that are just as good.

Other than the DCEU, she has also been in several of the Fast & Furious movies, and she has even done some voice work for Disney. If you are looking for other great films that feature this beautiful and talented actress, then look no further. We have compiled a list for you.


Check out the most-watched movies of this actress. This could be one heck of a movie night! Let's get into it!

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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8. Justice League

After her highly anticipated guest appearance in Batman V. Superman, many people eagerly waited for her solo movie and the culmination of several other films from the DCEU. 

Justice League was sort of a "getting the band together" movie for DC and was better received than Batman V. Superman


In the end, though, the movie didn’t do as well in the box office as DC had hoped. However, the one thing that all critics could agree on was that Gadot as Wonder Woman stole the show again!

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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The final product wasn’t quite what fans expected, and that could be for several reasons. However, most attribute it to the replacement of the film's original director Zack Snyder

The higher-ups at DC wanted to get a little of that Marvel magic and replaced him with Joss Whedon. Whedon all but scrapped the original and took the film in a different direction. 


This would leave the movie lacking some of the Snyder grit and continuity, some might say. That is why DC fans have urged DC to release the Snyder cut, which DC has said will be released this year via the HBO Max streaming service.

7. Knight and Day

In 2010, Gal Gadot had a bit part in the action-comedy Knight and Day. This film starred Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. 

An unwilling young woman on her way to a wedding runs into a handsome, funny man. Little does she know that this man is a little on the dangerous side, as well. 

Needless to say, the film deteriorates to hectic car chases and fight sequences. Gal takes the role of the villain's accomplice in this story, and she does it masterfully, as always. She doesn’t have much screen time, but it is enough to have this film make the list.

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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The story was weak and the casting questionable. This may be the reason why it didn’t do well at the box office, and many people have forgotten the movie even exists. 

That being said, it does have a good cast and is a fun movie for a Saturday night movie fest. Gal Gadot is easily one of the reasons for this. The comedic touch of the film shows a different side of the statuesque beauty. 

If you have a few hours, you might want to check out this Diaz-Cruise film where the villain's sidekick perhaps shines a little brighter than they do. 

6. Fast & Furious

The Fast & Furious franchise has gone through changes over the years. In 2009, Fast & Furious was the next installment, and this is the movie that Gadot staked her claim in that franchise with. In this installment, the movie moved from local streets to international crime. 

This movie was key to the franchise going for several more sequels. Gal Gadot played Gisele, the duplicitous sidekick of the main villain. 

She has a heart of gold, and this change of heart eventually forms feelings for Dom, even though she is rejected by him. By the time the movie ends, this character has chosen her side, and it wasn’t the one she started on. 

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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Gisele ends up being another member of the crew. Packed with a horde of familiar faces and talented actors, the movie was just as popular as its predecessors and the subsequent sequels that followed it. 

Many feel this is the film that saved the franchise, and that could very well be true, as the movie gave a broader canvas for the crew to operate in. 

Gal Gadot’s part in this film is vitally important, as she added another strong and beautiful woman to the mix. She played the role perfectly and returned in three more movies in this franchise.  

5. Wonder Woman 1984

2020 was a rough year for the world, and that includes the film industry. Warner Bros.'s decision to release the sequel to the 2017 mega-hit Wonder Woman in theaters and on their streaming service was a smart decision. 

By no means did this movie hit the same numbers as the first installation, but it still did well given the circumstances. In this movie, Gal Gadot picks up the lasso and dons her metal bustier to battle evil once again. 

This time, she has to fight Maxwell Lord, a businessman looking for ultimate wealth with the help of a powerful ancient artifact. 

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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Gal Gadot plays the role that many feel she was born to play, and once again, Wonder Woman seems to be the shining star of the DCEU. 

To think that the talented actress almost quit acting before she ever donned the iconic superhero uniform. It’s a good thing she didn’t, because no one could have played this role quite like her. 

Partnering again with Patty Jenkins, this film is a great addition to the Wonder Woman franchise and the DCEU, which is slated to deliver a plethora of movies, much like its rival comic book movie universe, the MCU. 

4. Fast Five

In the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast Five gets the crew back together for one more big heist to ensure their freedom. Of course, this includes Gisele, the character that Gal Gadot had played in Fast & Furious (2009). 

To get this heist done, the team has to work around both a criminal element, as well as the members of a US federal agency. 

This federal task force is headed by Luke Hobbs, who is played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Gadot brings the same depth to Gisele and shines as a strong, confident, yet flawed woman. 

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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The movie was originally set to release in June of 2011, but it had its release day moved up when Universal found out that Paramount was releasing their big summer blockbuster in April. 

Doing this may have allowed the film to gross a total of $165 million. This helped the movie hit #1 in the box office that week, and it was up against some stiff competition including the first installment of the Thor movies. 

The amazing cast is one of the reasons that the film did so well, and that includes the masterful portrayal of Gisele by Gal Gadot. 

3. Furious 7

It seems like many of the most-watched films come from one of two places, and that is because they are the blockbusters we all look for. It should come as no big surprise when you see that Furious 7 is the next movie on this list. 

In this film, Gal Gadot reprises her role as Gisele Yashar. After their last big heist, the crew has settled into normal life, but they thought wrong, as a super-villain steals a program that can turn technology into a weapon. 

The villain just happens to be the brother of one of their previous enemies Owen Shaw, so the team reassembles to stop him from executing his evil plan. 

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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The movie and its diverse cast offer something for everyone, and that most definitely includes the beautiful and strong character portrayed by Gal Gadot. 

When this movie hit the theaters, it earned the biggest debut in an opening weekend since 2013’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In that opening weekend, the film grossed $384 million, which also made it the highest-earning installment of the very lucrative franchise. 

Gal Gadot had another hit on her hands, and though she wasn’t the headlining star, she was part of an ensemble cast that seemed to be unable to produce a flop. 

2. Ralph Breaks The Internet

Gal’s next movie may not have her physically in it, but her very distinct voice makes an appearance. In the sequel to the Pixar hit, Wreck-It Ralph, the duo of Ralph and Vanellope take a little trip into the internet to find a replacement car wheel for her game.

Unfortunately, while on the internet, things don’t go quite as planned, and the two eventually find them inside a game called “Slaughter Race”. 

Here, Vanellope meets another female driver named Shank, who just so happens to be voiced by Gadot. The character is a strong, independent woman who can drive a car like no one else, and this appeals to young Vanellope.

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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Ralph Breaks The Internet was a fun endeavor for Gal Gadot, and she loved the fact that Shank starts as this tough chick but eventually has a good heart. 

The movie did fairly well at the box office, and one of the most popular characters turned out to be the character that Gal Gadot voiced. 

In the end, this role was a bit different for Gal Gadot, and she had a good time, so maybe she will do more voice work in the future. 

1. Wonder Woman

Shocker! The most-watched Gal Gadot film was the first installment of the movie franchise that she headlines…Wonder Woman. This movie was the first blockbuster for the DCEU. 

Not only did the fans love this film, but critics raved about it, as well. This movie gives us an origin story for the crime-fighting Amazonian princess, Diana

Living an isolated life on an island full of Amazons, the war finds its way to the shores of the island. This movie follows Diana as she goes out into the world to fight Ares to stop the war and save the world.

Gal Gadot - Check Out the Most Watched Movies of the Actress
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Wonder Woman was a landmark movie for many reasons. First, it was a female-directed film that starred a female as the main character. 

On top of that, as we have said, it was the first big hit of the DCEU, which had been struggling against the much more well-received movies from the MCU. 

This movie stood out because of the solid and honest performance of Gal Gadot. The story was well-written and contained everything you want from a good comic book movie. There is a love story and some kick-butt fight scenes


Gal Gadot has found her way into several of the most lucrative franchises, and that doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. She is a beautiful, strong woman who finds herself playing roles that reflect that. 

We can’t wait for her current slate of films to hit theaters to see if they can top some of the movies we have discussed here. She is slated to appear in Death On The Nile, as well as Cleopatra and the next installment of Justice League and Wonder Woman. They should all be good!

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