The Top 10 Gaming Phones for the Ultimate Experience

If you are a hardcore gamer and want to find some other devices besides Xbox, this is the article for you.


Here, we will talk about the top ten gaming phones that offer the best possible gaming experience, even if you don’t have access to a PlayStation or Xbox.

So let’s find out which are the best gaming phones on the market.

The Top 10 Gaming Phones for the Ultimate Experience

Razer Phone 2

The Razer Phone 2 is a popular device among gaming enthusiasts. This phone offers impressive and improved features. The Razer’s screen is big (5.7-inch display), and the sound is great, too.

It offers a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. It has 8GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 processor that is capable of handling a wide range of games. This device is available for $732.



Asus is known for its innovative gaming laptops. The same DNA is also infused into the Asus ROG Phone II. Its excellent specs include 12GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, and fast charging.

Furthermore, the availability of audio ports on the side allows the user to use it in landscape mode. It also offers AirTrigger sensors that are ultra-responsive. The price of this amazing gaming phone is $702.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro

The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 stands among the top ten gaming phones because it offers an amazing gaming experience due to its power and functionality. It has a 7.1-inch display, with 1440×3120 resolution. Besides that, it has a Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 processor and 8 GB RAM.

The 5,000mAh battery offers maximum playing time to complete your gaming session. The AirTrigger sensors are the best options for playing hardcore games. It also offers on-screen controls without any hassles. This phone will cost you $899.

One Plus 7 Pro

This smartphone has gained popularity as one of the best gaming phones. It offers a 6.67-inch screen with curved edges. The Snapdragon 855 processor powers this phone.

The One Plus 7 Pro is available with 6GB, 8GB, or 12GB of RAM. Overall, the visuals are fantastic, and the performance is good, too. You can get this phone by paying just $797.

Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is one of the top ten gaming phones. It comes with a powerful A13 processor and a 6.1-inch LCD screen. You can choose a variety of games through Apple Arcade.

It’s designed in a way to work seamlessly with iOS 13, which is the latest operating system. This ensures the best possible gaming experience, and it is available for $880.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

You won’t be disappointed by choosing the Galaxy S20 Plus. It ensures the ultimate gaming experience with its ultra-sharp, 6.67-inch display. The phone gets its power through an Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865 processor.

Besides that, it comes with 8GB of RAM, and the S20 offers 128GB of internal storage. This gaming phone is available at a price of $1,100.

Sony Xperia 1

This particular product is one of the most popular gaming phones. It comes with a 6.5-inch screen that offers 4K resolution. It also has HDR support for the display.

The phone comes with 6GB of RAM and is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. The operating system is Android 9.0 Pie. However, it is relatively expensive compared to other affordable gaming phones. The price tag of this phone is $1,040.

Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Pro is packed with some amazing and impressive features. It is fitted with a Kirin 980 processor and 8GB of RAM. The 4,200mAh battery offers plenty of juice to enjoy your extended gaming session.

It offers a 6.47-inch display that comes with a teardrop notch. The phone comes with a massive 512GB of internal storage. At a price of $635, the Huawei P30 Pro is one of the best gaming phones available on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers great value for your money if you are looking for the best gaming phone. It comes with an Exynos 9825 or Snapdragon 855 processor. Moreover, you will get 12GB of RAM for impressive performance.

Moreover, it has 512GB of internal storage. The availability of a 6.8-inch screen offers outstanding visuals, and the AMOLED display is simply amazing. The price tag for this phone is $930.

Apple iPhone XR

Although cheaper than other iPhones, the Apple iPhone XR is one of the best gaming phones money can buy. It comes with a powerful A12 Bionic processor.

The provision of a 12-megapixel rear camera and 6.1-inch LCD screen offers crisp visuals. You can buy this phone for $770.

The Top 10 Gaming Phones for the Ultimate Experience


Each of the best gaming phones discussed above has its pros and cons. Yet the purchase decision relies on your specific preferences and budget. When making such a purchase, make sure to analyze the overall performance of the device.