Best App Lock For Android – App Lock

App locks are an easy way of enhancing your privacy and security without restricting all access to your device. 


There are many apps on the market, and some of them might be quite difficult to use, too pricey, or not exactly what we need. 

Fortunately, AppLock is a great way of benefiting from all the features of a high-quality app that allows us to restrict access to our phones, and the following lines will help you decide if it’s the right app for your needs!

Best App Lock For Android – App Lock

Features of the App

AppLock is an easy to use and quite intuitive app but also has rich features. The first one that you will notice as you open the app is the pattern lock. It might seem nothing special, but AppLock allows you to use a random numeric keyboard

This means that, even if another person sees the pattern of your numbers, they will be in different places the next time. On the other hand, make sure you pay attention, as the changing numbers can be quite confusing. 


Another great feature is that you can set different profiles for different users, including home, kids, guests, and others. 

Once you set up a profile, the person has access to only certain apps and functions. What is truly great about this feature is that you can activate the profiles at different locations and specific times. For instance, you can set up a work profile to activate precisely when you arrive at work. 

The downside is that there is no way to deactivate a profile once you set in the time, so you need to wait for it to finish. You can also lock videos and photos. You can manage this feature even by locking them one at a time. 

Furthermore, the location lock can only be used with Wi-Fi – in other words, when your phone detects a specific Wi-Fi, it automatically locks to the profile you attached to it. This saves time and is quite discrete, too.

All in all, AppLock has plenty of features that are surely worth checking out. It is suitable for any app locking needs, and it can be customized to your liking. The interface is quite basic, too, so all options are quite intuitive!

Who it’s Suited to

AppLock is suitable for anyone who wants to protect their device. You can create kids’ profiles and restrict access to different apps that are not so kid-friendly, or you can use the guest mode and allow only a few basic features of your phone. 

Furthermore, you can also use a work profile, which has a similar usage. This means that, as soon as you get to work, only a few apps you will select will still work. This is suitable for anyone who wants to keep their content private with ease. 

Lastly, since the location lock only works with Wi-Fi, make sure you have access to one; otherwise, this feature will not work for you. Alternatively, you can switch to the relevant profile manually


The app is free, but it also has in-app upgrades. Most of the features are for free, but you can also purchase a subscription of $0.99 per month, $5.99% per year or even ad-supported if you wish. The paid version allows you to access the following premium features.

  • Video and photo vault
  • Customized background
  • Themes and fake covers
  • Auto-time lock and auto location lock
  • Random keyboard
  • Lock switch, and more.

How to Download and Use it

You can download AppLock for Android by using this link. Then, tap on the app to open it. AppLock will request you to choose your pattern and type in your email

Once you do so, the main screen shows up, where you have all the apps that can be locked out. Tap any of them that you want to be locked, and then you will be asked for the password/pattern every time the app is opened. 

Best App Lock For Android – App Lock


All in all, AppLock comes with plenty of functionality if you want to keep your device private. A great feature is that you do not need to pay for it to unlock the premium features; you can simply choose the ad-supported version. 

Therefore, make sure you check out this app if you think you benefit from such features!