Battery Saver Apps For Android and iOS

We spend a lot of time using our phones, and the applications we use consume a lot of battery. 


We do not always have the opportunity to charge our devices when we are at work or when we are out in the city. 

That’s why we want to help by offering you some applications that will help you extend your battery life. These apps can be used both by Android or iOS users.

Battery Saver Apps For Android and iOS

Features Of the Apps

Battery HD shows you how much battery you have, but it also gives you information about how much you can use your phone in order to consume all of your battery. 

This app can even display temperature and voltage. It is just an app that monitors your battery, though. It does not have any battery-saving features. This is an app that can be used both by Android and iOS users.


Avira Optimizer is an app for Android devices, and it shows you what other apps you should close in order to save more battery. It also has profile switching that allows you to swap between profiles, taking into account your battery level or your location and your wi-fi network. This app can be used on Android devices only.

Cleanup & Boost helps extend the battery level because it has an automatic profile that allows it to close applications that consume a lot of battery. It also has the ability to stop apps from connecting to a certain wi-fi network if it requires too much battery. 

This app also includes application management, cleaning junk and cache files, memory boosting, and much more.

Power Battery can be used by Android users, and it allows you to view the battery consumption information, including the apps that consume the most power. It also provides a time estimation that tells you how many hours/minutes your phone will last before turning off. 

Another benefit of this app is the junk file cleaner and the memory booster that Power Battery contains. Overall, it is quite an all-inclusive app that helps you manage your phone. 

Battery Life is an app that can be used only on iOS devices, and it gives a reasonable estimate of how much time you have before your device turns off. For the newer devices, the app provides more battery stats, like the voltage, capacity, and charge state.

Accu Battery helps you not to overcharge your device. You can easily access the app and see the battery status, its percentage, the temperature, and the estimated time until the phone shuts down. 

The app alerts you when your phone is 80% charged. It also has two versions – a free one and a paid one (which offers more detailed information about the battery).

Who These Apps Are Suited To

These applications can be used by those who have very busy days and who do not have the opportunity to charge their phone during the day. 

They also help monitor the battery level. Anyone who wants to know how long they can still use their phone before it dies can download these applications.

How To Download and Use Them

These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, depending on your device. Rest assured, they are very easy to use. Once they are installed, they will display the necessary information about the battery status of your phone. 

Android users have more options because there are more apps that can estimate their battery runtime. Some apps have automatic profiles that allow them to manage your background applications, in order to stop the ones that consume too much battery. 

Aside from the battery information that they provide, these apps can also clean your phone.

Battery Saver Apps For Android and iOS


If you want to keep track of your phone’s battery level, you should consider installing an application like the ones presented above. They will help you monitor which application consumes the most battery and how much time you have until the phone shuts down. 

If you do not have the opportunity to charge your phone and you need it during the day, you should be careful what applications you access. For that, you need a battery saver app like the ones above.