Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier, Scientists Claim

A review published by researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom in 2010 has released the results of their research that recommends that women who have bigger butts had lower risks of heart disease and diabetics. From the research, we can conclude that women with big butts are smarter and healthier.

The Greek Professor, Konstantinos Manolopoulos who also serves as the head of the examination at the University of Oxford, told the journalists of ABC News that women with more fat aren’t just carrying extra weight, but they are also carrying some extra protection against diabetes and heart disease.

They further stated in their research that women with bigger butts had brought down the cholesterol levels which suggested that the hormones of these women help them to consume sugar rapidly and ultimately helped them to stay healthier and smarter.

They additionally recommend that women with bigger butts were at bringing down the heart problems and diabetes which are caused due to the undesirable accumulation of cholesterol and sugar in the body.

The extensive storage of Omega 3 Acids that are available in these women’s bodies. These fatty acids which these women have, help them to enhance the mental capacity of these women to make them smarter than their counterparts.


The reports go ahead to clarify that having a bigger butt of women, helps in the arrival of larger amounts of leptin, a hormone that controls the procedure of weight pick up and make problems in the body. This enables such women to have more directed weights during the time as compared to their counterparts.

It is also important to note that the pear-shaped body is considered to be more healthy than an apple-shaped body.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Isn’t this enough motivation for you to get a start today and reshape your body in a better way so you can stay healthy and smarter as well.

Here are a few exercises which you can do in just 5 minutes to get a bigger butt.

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The research is published at NCBI, and if you want to read complete research article you can find it here.