Valentine’s Day Then And Now: Most Shocking Dissimilarities

Valentines Day always remained that special holiday that no one gets a day off for, but still gets acknowledged. It’s an international day of love, where boy buy girls chocolates that’ll never be eaten, or girls get mad because they didn’t get said chocolates. The couples go out and people confess feelings on this love day. Love it or hate it, you will be surrounded by love, every February 14th of your life. Valentine’s Day then and now has also changed like other things in life. Check these dissimilarities which we have found in this day.

Following are the shocking dissimilarities to how this adorable holiday was celebrated then, and how it’s celebrated now.


Then: You wore pink and red.

Now: You dig into your wardrobe to find any other color than black.

Valentine's Day Then And Now


Selecting Your Valentine

Then: You would get in trouble if you didn’t give everyone a valentine.

Now: You will definitely get in trouble if you give a valentine to more than one person.

Making Something

Then: You made crafts.

Now: You make reservations.

Having More Valentines

Then: The more valentines you had meant more companionable and pleasing.

Now: The more valentines you have means more chances of STDs.

Valentine's Day Then And Now

Accepting Gifts

Then: You were happy with Sweethearts.

Now: You won’t accept anything less than a basket full of chocolates.

Then: Your crush could steal your heart with flowers and chocolate.

Now: You break up with your crush if he only gets you flowers and chocolate.


Then: There was no end of sweet candies you could consume.

Now: After eating a few of chocolates, the fear of diabetes abruptly preoccupy you.

Being Jealous

Then: You were jealous of other kids’ Disney-themed cards.

Now: You get jealous of other couples going on Disney vacations.

Singles On Valentine’s Day Then And Now

Then: Eating chocolate and laughing.

Now: Eating chocolate and crying.

So, whether you’re single, in a committed relationship remember love comes in all varieties and enjoy this adorable love day.