Don’t Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard


Hollywood is often referred to as the world capital of entertainment. It is the birthplace of filming and home to the greatest collection of entertainment corporations and stars.

For someone who is not familiar with Hollywood Boulevard, it can be a daunting task to find the best attractions to visit. To get your money’s worth from a trip to Los Angeles, there are certain places you need to see.


We made a list of ten of the hottest attractions on Hollywood Boulevard that you should visit while in the entertainment capital of the world. Let’s take a look.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Dolby Theatre

The Dolby Theatre, located on Hollywood and Highland Boulevards, was built in 2001 and has become the home of the Emmy Awards. It is important to experience the details and atmosphere that the Dolby Theatre has to offer.

Its entertainment systems are among the most complicated and advanced in the world. This helps make it an experience that is worth every cent spent on the many shows and variety of entertainment it has to offer. 


You could catch a Broadway show or simply take a guided tour of the Dolby Theatre. Either way, it is an experience you do not want to miss.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Chinese Theatre

The Chinese Theatre is one of the oldest attractions in Hollywood. It was opened in 1927 and has been the host of many big names in the entertainment business. 

One of its main attractions is its famous cement courtyard that contains the immortalized prints of many famous legends, including Marilyn Monroe and Jack Nicholson. If you are interested in visiting a historical site on Hollywood Boulevard, then a visit to the Chinese Theatre should be at the top of the list.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Escape Hotel

If adventure is what you seek, then a visit to the Escape Hotel should be included in your list of must-see attractions. It offers a nine-room escape challenge played by up to eight participants.

It is only closed on Mondays. The rest of the time you can participate in the challenge and boast of how you escaped the horrors of Escape Hotel Hollywood.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Guinness Book Of Records Museum

Take a tour down the history of world records with illustrative exhibits depicting every record ever recorded in the Guinness Book Of Records. 

It is an interesting must-see for all those who have an interest in the history of all the records of humanity’s capacity for greatness.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood and Highland Retail

For those who would like to go on a Hollywood shopping spree or visit the hottest nightclubs that Hollywood and Los Angeles have to offer, visiting the retail square of Hollywood and Highland is a must. 

You will find numerous diners and shops where you can buy just about anything, and it is also a hub of the wildest night entertainment of LA.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum, located across the street from the Guinness Museum, is a must-see place.

This is where all your favorite actors, complete with their most iconic character costumes, have been immortalized in wax.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

The Walk Of Fame

Of course, no visit to Hollywood Boulevard would be complete without a walk down the Walk of Fame, which features the stars of all the icons that have graced Hollywood. 

You can look for your favorite icons and visit each star that immortalizes their fame.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Larry Edmunds Bookshop

For fans of literature and history, visiting another of Hollywood’s oldest establishments would be a must. 

The Larry Edmunds Bookshop was established in 1938 and has been collecting all kinds of literature associated with Hollywood, from scripts to posters and books, as well.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Museum Of Death

For the darker souls out there, the Museum of Death offers an unforgettable experience. Concerned with all things associated with death in Hollywood, it explores all the many faces of death and can be found east of Vine street.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum is the place to visit if you are a die-hard fan of films from all eras. 

It offers you the chance to see memorabilia collected from the sets of all the iconic films that have been produced by Hollywood, and it includes exhibits of props from a few ancient but still memorable films.

Don't Miss These Sites on Hollywood Boulevard


While Hollywood has plenty to offer, these are only a few of the many attractions that you should check out. There are many guided tours ranging from bus and walking tours, and if you want to get as much as possible done in a short amount of time, it is recommended to make use of these touring services. 

There is just so much to see, but as long as you have fun, Hollywood Boulevard will be an unforgettable experience.