15 Iconic Female Singers Then And Now Photos

6. Alicia Keys Then And Now

Multiple Grammy winner Alicia started her career in 1985 as a child star and she became a singing sensation with “No One” in 2007. By 2014 Alicia has gradually transformed to bring out her inner beauty. Here’s how she transformed over the years.

Alicia Keys Then And Now
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7. Lana Del Rey Then And Now

Lana Del Rey started her singing career in 2009. She kept changing her styles through all these years after that. Here’s how she changed over these years.

Lana Del Rey Then And Now
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8. Lady Gaga Then And Now

Lady Gaga was a world sensation when she first made her appeared with her hit single “Poker face” in 2009. She has her own unique style which no one can do better than her. Here’s how she changed during her singing career.

Lady Gaga Then And Now
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9. Taylor Swift Then And Now

Taylor Swift started her career as a country cutie in 2007 but quickly became a global phenomenon and became one of the most successful singers. She is a full-fledged songwriter, producer, performer and true diva who owns the music industry. Here’s how she transformed during these years of her success.

Taylor Swift Then And Now
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10. Rihanna Then And Now

The next singer in our list of Singers Then And Now is Rihanna. When Rihanna hit the stage in 2005 when her style was simple and traditional. Here’s how she transformed.

Rihanna Then And Now
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