Best Applications For Free Internet on Mobile

Are you looking for an easy, legal way of earning free mobile data? If yes, then we are on the same page!


Have a look at the next lines to find out the best apps for free internet on mobile, regardless of whether you are an Android or iOS user. 

Let’s check out the features, costs, and how to download these great apps and start earning free mobile data in no time!

Best Applications For Free Internet on Mobile

Features Of Apps

One of the best phone apps that offers you free internet data is Gigato. The benefits you earn with this app can then be turned into data. Gigato is one of the most popular apps that you will find, and it is really easy to use, too! 

Gigato will suggest a list of apps that you need to download and use – when you do so, you’ll earn free data. The best part is that there is no trick here; the data you earn is always more than the data you use with the apps. 


A runner-up is the Databack app. This functions in a different way; it actually helps you to save data when you use apps, up to 300 MB per month. 

Then, you can recharge your phone with the collected data for free. Another great feature is that you get 50 MB of free data if you recommend this app to a friend. 

For iOS users, TunnelBear is a must-try. It is a highly popular VPN app that allows you to access a VPN and offers up to 500 MB of free data per month. It is more than enough if you are a light user. 

Who It’s Suited To

These apps are great if you want to earn free data and always be ready to surf the net! They also have freemium versions, so you do not need to pay anything to start collecting your mobile data. 

Gigato is ideal for people who already use numerous apps; they have various partners, and you can earn data while accessing your favorite applications. 

Databack app is suitable for anyone who already has a data plan and wants to save more; basically, it only collects your own data that you can use afterward, by interfering with data-hungry apps and limiting the amount. 

Lastly, if you have an iPhone, you should definitely check out TunnelBear. You also benefit from private browsing, apart from the free 500 MB. This might be the best app on our list, and it is also quite affordable if you decide to go for the paid plan that offers you unlimited data

Cost Of Each

Gigato and Databack apps are completely free. For iPhone users, TunnelBear has a free plan that comes with 500 MB per month. 

Alternatively, you can pay $4.99 per month and have access to unlimited data!

How To Download And Use It 

Gigato can be downloaded from here. Open the app on your Android device, and you can see different listed applications. Gigato will show you which apps you already have, and then you will be directed towards downloading and installing the rest of the apps that you do not have. 

Every time you use the Gigato apps, these partners will refund you all the data you used for them

Databack app can be installed from here. It is easier to use as you do not need to do anything – every time you use your usual apps, Databack saves data that you can then use to recharge your phone. Make sure you recommend the app to your friends and earn 50 MB for free!

Lastly, TunnelBear offers a VPN, so your browsing is always private, away from hackers, advertisers, and ISPs. If you choose the free version, you benefit from 500 MB per month. If you make in-app purchases, you can have unlimited data!

Best Applications For Free Internet on Mobile


All in all, these were our best applications for free internet on mobile. Whether you use Android devices or iOS, you can now start earning free data to use as you wish. 

They are effortless and quite a great deal if you use your phone all the time. This way, you can save lots of money on your phone plan. Make sure you check them out!