Your Favorite 15 Celebrities With No Makeup

11- Alessandra Ambrosio

Victoria’s Secret Angel like to stay casual after retiring from modeling.

alessandra ambrosia no makeup
Source: Splash News

12- Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts likes to roam around with no makeup on.

naomi watts no makeup
Source: Twitter

13- Gigi Hadid

She is one of the supermodels having a beautifully bare face.

gigi hadid no makeup
Source: Instagram/Splash News

14- Demi Lovato

This is Demi Lovato with no makeup face.

demi lovato no makeup
Source: Instagram

15- Cardi B

This is how Cardi B looks with makeup as compared to no makeup and bare-faced.

cardi b no makeup
Source: Instagram/Splash News

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