5 Most Surprising TV Deaths This Year

Here are the 5 Most surprising TV Deaths This Year. We’re in a new “Golden Age of Television” And not to mention a “Golden Age of Unexpected TV Deaths.” With the dramatic uptick in the quality of TV shows came a commitment to verisimilitude, and keeping audiences on their toes with as many surprises as possible. That means that on major shows, almost no character is safe. Check out our video above for some small screen deaths from the first part of 2016 that threw us for a loop. Beware of spoilers of course.

Most Surprising TV Deaths

TV dramas are doing more and more business now days and are very popular across the globe. People like TV dramas because they can watch them by sitting home and can watch them free without paying ticket like cinema or stage shows.

Here is the list of 5 Most Surprising TV Deaths This Year.

  1. Ziva David, NCIS
  2. Denise, The Walking Dead
  3. Robin Hood, Once Upon a Time
  4. Ramsay Bolton, Game of Thrones
  5. Hodor, Game of Thrones

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