10 Illegal Things We Do Everyday But Never Know

You must be amazed to know that we are all probably criminals. There are some laws in different parts of the world which are just outrageous. Some things are just so simple; you won’t even believe they’re illegal. Take a look at these 10 Illegal Things We Do Everyday But Never Know.

1.Riding Bicycle Without A Helmet

Illegal Things We Do Everyday
Source: Alan Davison

Riding a bicycle without helmet looks cute but this is still illega. This law vary from country to country, but still there are many places in the world where it is mandatory for all cyclists and bikers to wear helmets.

2. Using Someone Else’s Wi-Fi

Unauthorized use of any Wi-Fi service is illegal in almost all world and can carry you in prison. Now stop using someone’s Wi-Fi and laughing over the fact that the poor fool forgot to password protect it.

3. Driving Too Slow

Slow and steady wins the race but TOO SLOW is a criminal offense in some places around the world. So be sure to read the speed limit while driving. Observe maximum speed limits as well as minimum speed limits.

4. Alcohol On Sunday

Alcohol is not good for health even on week days but there are jurisdictions where the purchase of alcohol on Sunday is considered illegal.

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5. Singing Happy Birthday Song

We all have sung Happy Birthday song but this popular song has a copyright. Which means that public performances of this song are illegal. Bathroom singing is something else…..!!


6. Eating Stuff Before Paying For It

Illegal Things We Do Everyday
Source: Business Insider

Sometimes you just eat an apple or orange while doing shopping in supermarket because you’re going to pay for it later but it still belongs to the supermarket until it’s been billed, so technically it is stealing and illegal.


7. Sharing Passwords

It looks romantic when you and your bae share Netflix passwords but you people haven’t realized that sharing passwords is a breech of contract.

8. Downloading Music

This is perhaps the most favorite things from the list of Illegal Things We Do Everyday. Downloading music from pirated sites without purchasing it legally is illegal. So before buying more memory for your phone, make sure you have legally purchased music to fill the memory.

9. Uploading Music

Uploading music videos to YouTube without having copyright for it is illegal, don’t go for it.


Illegal Things We Do Everyday

It is not just a public safety suggestion. The police can write you a ticket for this criminal offense if you walk in the street or road without regard for approaching traffic.

These are 10 Illegal Things We Do Everyday. How much of you were knew about these things before? Tell us in comments or add your part if you think there is something more.


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