Heartbreaking Pictures Of Chemical Attack In Syria

A toxic chemical attack in Syria northern Idlib province resulted in killing at least 58 people and sickened several more on Tuesday. Syrian opposition activists have described this attack as one of the worst in the 6 years of country’s civil war.

Chemical Attack In Syria

According to medics, the government delivered the gas by an air strike. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has put the death toll at 58 as of now with 11 children among dead.

Chemical Attack In Syria

The media center published footage showing people stretched on the ground, some foaming and a state of panic. In one footage, the medical workers are seen trying to intubate a man lying unresponsive and hooking up a girl to the ventilator who is seen foaming at the mouth.
Chemical Attack In Syria

A few hours later, another airstrike is said to have hit the clinics treating victims. Several witnesses have spoken of this incidence in the same tone. Victims have been farmed out to maternity wards and other smaller hospitals because the largest hospital in the area was severely damaged by an airstrike two days earlier.

Chemical Attack In Syria
The government didn’t make any comment in Damascus while the European Union President Erdogan of Turkey blamed the Syrian government for the attack after condemning the attack. An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been called by France.

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